1983 Vans RV-4 / 126RV

First Flight: 6/18/1983 by A&P Bob Olds
Annual Due: 06/2020 (currently out of Annual!)
Location: HFY in Greenwood, IN []

Price: $22,000

Email: natenelson(dot)cfi(at)gmail(dot)com
Phone: (317) 661-1274‬

Note: This is my google voice number to cut down on spammers; email is preferred. Vague email or text messages will not be responded to or will be directed straight back to this site. Please review the logs! I can only answer questions about maintenance since I’ve owned the plane, which has all been routine or small upgrades. The plane has lived a life of 39 years–anything you can know about a plane of this age is in the logs and your questions will be answered there or simply cannot be answered.

Engine: Lycoming 0-320-e2g / 150hp
Prop: Props Inc, 68×68, static RPM 2250

Engine Logs (PDF, 10MB):

Airframe Logs (PDF, 6MB):

Weight & Balance (PDF):

Operating Limitations (PDF):

Performance #’s: 85° mid-west summer day @ 2k MSL WOT results in 2550 RPM & 160MPH indicated (original wheel pants available but need re-fitted) / 350° CHT [single probe on cyl 4] / 1400 EGT / 210° oil temp / oil pressure starts ~80 and settles 70-72 PSI in cruise. Cover oil cooler w/aluminium tape to keep temps up in the winter; generally don’t fly under 30° ambient resulting in 160° oil temps. On a hot days (high 80’s & 90’s) I’ll level off at 1k AGL to keep CHT under 400° for a few minutes; from there, the ‘heat soak’ from departure is dissipated and I don’t have any climb restrictions that I’ve self imposed–the plane is well baffled and I get consistent figures.

TTAF: 1780
TTE: 1990
SMOH: 1500

Empty WT: 1019 lbs

More Pictures:
Note: My ignorance had lead me to initially hang the American flag incorrectly and has since been corrected.

General Notes:

  • Re-painted 1994.
  • Slosh removed from left tank 2010; nothing in logs about right tank but NO slosh present.
  • Elevator skins replaced w/0.20 gauge and presently unpainted.
  • Current configuration for passenger is stick only
  • Inverted fuel (flop tube left tank/Ellison TBI) and oil (Christen).
  • Reiff preheat (x2 100w oil sump strips) since 2013
  • Vinces ‘Screaming Eagle’ tailwheel assy / 2014
  • Prop refinished (by builder @ Props Inc) /2014
  • Ellison TBI overhauled by Ellison /2014.
  • New slick mags / 2017.
  • Cowl hinges were starting to zipper pretty bad and began repairs this spring (original halves that were still good remain the old “rolled” hinge). / 2018
  • Wheel pants available, need glass work and re-fitted
  • Canopy & Prop Cover

Transponder needs an inspection if your mission requires you fly in controlled airspace. No ADSB. Manifold pressure gauge INOP (originally plumbed to #4). Electric Turn Coordinator INOP. Intercom INOP (passes through to radio without issue). Aircraft last flown in 2020. It is currently ‘grounded’ due to being out of annual. My medical has also lapsed and I’m not renewing insurance on it in June of 2022.

Why I’m Selling:

I started my own business in the fall of 2018 and I have effectively stopped flying due to time and focus being elsewhere. This is a project plane and requires the right buyer.

This aircraft was built by A&P Bob Olds, his first of two RV-4’s and who is most notable for creating many of the early RV landing light systems. The aircraft does have a damage history from early in it’s life–Bob enjoyed going in and out of unimproved fields. He experienced a prop striking dirt that ~20/hrs later resulted him performing the MOH in 1985. He was later experimenting with a new design of controllable pitch prop for RV-4 applicability that, on the third flight, a blade separated on take off. The engine was secured but a hard landing resulted in a broken engine mount at the gear attach points, firewall torn at mount attach, both wings dented by taxi lights. If it sounds like I’m reading from the logs–I am. All repairs made 1988-90 by Bob, updating weldments, etc. all per newsletters at the time. Aircraft was returned to service by Bob, who did 4/hrs of flight testing, aerobatics up to +4/-2. It’s been 30 or so years since any of that–it doesn’t bother me but might others which is why I state it freely.

All this to say–this is not some pristine RV built in the past 10 years with modern techniques and the internet/VAF as a resource. It’s serial number 126 and was reportedly the 8th -4 to fly. This is a 39 year old airframe with numerous cosmetic deficiencies. I’ve attempted to represent the aircraft as true as possible by providing all logs, documentation, and pictures of all sorts. Original plans available; numerous receipts from both myself and previous owners.

Any work done to the aircraft since my ownership has been logged and I will happily discuss but it’s all routine or small upgrades and nothing notable. I’ve owned, maintained, and continually flew it (up until 2020). All my historical knowledge was gleaned scouring the logs and old Yahoo groups when searching for Bob Olds (there’s a few posts out there from the early 00s; nothing real notable other than an old picture Cira 1985). If you’re interested, do yourself a favor and pour through the logs to save us both a lot of back and forth questions. Everything you or I can ever know about this plane is in there.

I’ve included tons of detail to give a clear representation of the aircraft and am happy to answer questions for serious buyers, but please don’t waste my time if you aren’t in the market to buy or don’t understand that this is a project plane. While I do believe a CI can be performed to make it airworthy and flown home, that onus is on the buyer. In return the price is flexible, within reason.